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Help Needed From Friends In The US Please

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Can you help? I would dearly love to buy this mug


but it only ships to the US. Could someone buy it and ship it to me in the UK? I'll pay you via PayPal immediately.

Thank you!!

ETA: I just found out how much it costs to ship anything to the UK! Perhaps Thranduil will have to wait for another time :(

Happy Birthday, Daw!

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Happy Birthday to dawtheminstrel

I hope you have a wonderful day!

birthday butterflies


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After a rather hellish day yesterday (just work/not enough staff) I had a day off today, so treated myself to a trip to Exeter, our nearest city. It's only 40 minutes by train and just over £5 for a day return.

Instead of browsing the shops as usual, I wandered around the parks and gardens

and followed the ancient Roman walls which still exist in places

IMG_1193 - Copy

and went to a service at the Cathedral.


I also visited the underground passages which date from the 1300s and brought fresh drinking water to the city ( a revolution in those days!). The tunnels are narrow and low-ceilinged, and definitely not recommended for anyone with claustrophobia. Hard hats were provided, and very much needed - I'm about 5'4", and the passages were around 5'2" ...


London - Pictures!

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OK, I think I've finally managed to upload some pictures of my trip to London!

The Eagle & Child, where Tolkien and C S Lewis and their friends met:

Following in Tolkien's footsteps: Addison's Walk

Divinity Hall at Oxford, used as the infirmary in the Harry Potter films:

St Paul's Sky Line:

Guided Tour at the Tower of London:

Guard outside the Crown Jewels:

Tower Bridge:

The White Tower at the Tower of London:


Twins (Jay)
I've just had another wonderful few days in London.  I took a day trip to Oxford and had a fascinating guided tour of the city, a visit to 'New' College (founded in 1379!) and finally saw the 'Eagle and Child' where Tolkien, C S Lewis and their colleagues met.

There were two possible plays to see at Shakespeare's Globe - Titus Andronicus, or Much Ado About Nothing. I didn't know anything about Titus, so checked the synopsis. Hmmm - rape, disembowelment and eye gouging, or a comic love story?  I saw Much Ado and loved it  (even though Claudio's treatment of Hero is despicable!)

I went to the Tower of London, on a Thames cruise, and on the London Eye, and also managed to coincide my once-a-year-trip with a Tube strike!  That made getting back in the evening fun, though day travel wasn't badly affected.

It was all over far too quickly, and now I'm back at work :(

Pictures to follow if I can load them to LJ.

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter to all!

I was able to get  the day off on Good Friday, and we did our usual walk of carrying the crosses around the village before ending up back at the Church.  It was a wonderfully warm, sunny day so there were a lot of people there including several dogs - including Kiri, of course!  After the service there was coffee and hot cross buns for everyone.

We also went to a very interesting service last night.  It was an Easter vigil held by candlelight.  The candles were then extinguished, and we all trooped outside to the church yard where there was a blazing bonfire to symbolise the resurrection and the return of the light, and the main candle was relit.  Last year a well-meaning neighbour thought the fire was in the Church and called the fire brigade!  I only decided to go at the last minute as I wasn't sure I'd make it due to work, but I'm very glad we went.

By contrast today has been very grey and gloomy with heavy rain.  Where did the nice weather go?

photo (3)

Fic: Too Good To Share

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A double drabble written for the Show, Don't Tell challenge - a story written without dialogue. The element to be included was 'arched an eyebrow'.

Elladan is searching for something, but Elrohir keeps quiet.

Too Good to Share

Elrohir’s attention drifted from the book he was reading as the door into Elladan’s room crashed open. He smiled and listened with great interest as his brother kicked the door closed again, muttering and cursing; words that would make an orc blush. Drawers were pulled open, cupboards slammed, and a pile of papers cascaded onto the floor. There was a metallic clang as a wine goblet was hurled against the door in frustration.

He had a fair idea of what Elladan was searching for and shifted his position in the chair slightly, propping his feet on a low stool by the fire. He waited.

Finally footsteps crossed the floor and his own door was flung open. Elrohir looked up with his most innocent expression, one eyebrow arched in silent query. Elladan merely snarled at him in reply, swept the room with a scalding glare, then turned on his heel and stormed out again.

The door swung slowly closed behind him. As the latch clicked, Elrohir retrieved the bottle of Dorwinion from its hiding place and poured the last of the wine into his cup.

He supposed he should feel guilty, but Thranduil’s gift was far too good to share.

And Then There Were Two ...

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I've had a lovely couple of days. Yesterday was my Mum's birthday, so I arranged to have the day off so I could see her - and subsequently discovered that National Theatre Live had a screening of War Horse being broadcast to cinemas across the country that evening. I saw War Horse in London a couple of years ago, but Mum's never seen it; and I knew it was something she'd love.

In addition to that, Stephen said he was coming down for the day and would take Grandma out for lunch - then Anne was able to get two days off work to come up as well :>) It was wonderful to have them both at home!!

We all had lunch at the Cary Arms then walked along the beach. It was an area where Mum played as a child, so she enjoyed revisiting old haunts :>)

This morning there was time to take Kiri for a run on the beach before I dropped Stephen off to get the coach/train back to Bristol, and before Anne got the train back down to Cornwall.

It's been two wonderful days, but now it's back to just me and Mr Jay (and Kiri and Bracken, of course!)

Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to dot_o_choillmor!

I hope you have a wonderful day.